Introduction to Vietnam Yoshita Precision Machining


Inheriting the 30-year proficient CNC machining profession from Taiwan, Vietnam Yoshita Precision Machining Ltd.,  was founded in Vietnam in the year 2010 with an initial investment of 1,500,000 USD. Our main service is CNC precision machining to manufacture various metal fabricated components, such as machine components, power transmission components, medical equipment parts, valve and fluid control parts, automobile parts, bicycle parts, motorcycle parts, aerospace parts. The applicable material includes iron, steel, tool steel, stainless steel (inox), aluminum alloy, copper & brass, and plastics (POM) in bar stock (round, square, rectangle, hexagon),  sand casting, lost-wax casting (investment casting), die casting, forging, extrusion, pressing, and stamping.


Projected capacity: Our shop equips with twenty sets of CNC machines and operates in 2 shifts, total 24 hours per day and 26 days per month, and we have plan to expand the machine fleet to 36 sets of CNC machine in the near future.

Factory address: NA1 road, My Phuoc 2 Industrial park, Ben Cat, Binh Duong, Viet Nam.

An overview of the company

        ■ Investment: 1.5 million USD

        ■ Land area: 13,750 m2

        ■ Area (Phase 1): 3500 m2

        ■ Planned CNC machine: 36 sets

        ■ Power: 400 KVA

        ■ Construction Start Date: 20th April 2011

        ■ Completion date: 31st December 2011

        ■ ISO 9001:2008 certified by Afnor          

        ■ 17 sets of CNC Lathe (12", 10", 8", 4")    

        ■ 8 sets of CNC Machine Center (2 sets with 4th Axis Rotary table)


        ■ Complete Inspection Equipment including Mitutoyo CMM (750 mm)

        ■ Contour Measuring System           



        Address: Lot I_1C2_CN, NA1 road, My Phuoc 2 Industrial park, Ben Cat, Binh Duong    

    TEL:(0274)3.556.555 & 3.557.941                        Email:

         Fax: (0274)3.557.993- 599.555                               Website: